There’s a lot of myth surrounding the straight razor.
Mention it and people tend to think of ‘Sweeney Todd’ or Poe’s ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’.
Yet for centuries, the straight razor was used by men every day, to get rid of their stubble.
Quality,vintage razors are a sound investment, as prices continue to appreciate; especially for the larger sizes. There is a limited supply and a growing demand.

Every razor marked as SHAVE TESTED, has been personally shave tested by a staff member.
All razors are sterilized, oiled with camellia oil and await sale in their boxes.

At Wicked Edge Razors ~ Buy, Sell, Trade straight razors.
Wicked Edge Razors is a ~ One stop shop for everything straight razors related.
We offer something for ~ All budgets!

Please check back often. Our inventory is regularly updated.


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